Privacy Policy - Termos de Privacidade

The recognize info privacy importance, therefore, don't publicizy or provides info for third part, provided by it's apps/games. If you choose use, so you accept those privacy terms and its future updates:

1) For best user experience, the collecs info about screen resolution, operational system e app/game functionality data (eg. username, score or screen most accessed). We don't acquire any personal information in this process.

2) Providing information in apps/games from, those info are stored and protected in app/game itself. It's your responsibility protects the access of the app/game to safe your data.

3) The info provided to website, for reasons of contact or purchase, are kept - when needed - in our own database. There is no divulgation of this info.

4) The purchases made direct on website are mediats by partners, therefore, check their own privacy policy.

5) uses Google AdSense / AdMob to show relevant ads to the users on website, apps and games. The ads are based on info collected by Google itself, therefore, check their own privacy policy.

6) don't share collected info, except: i) by government request based on laws; ii) by your authorization.

7) reserves the right to change this privacy policy without warnings. In this way, we recommend that you check our privacy policy regularly to be always up to date.


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